Congratulations, owning a Cobia is a smart decision.

Cobia owners have one thing in common … when it comes to choosing a boat they all made a very smart decision. You see, Cobias are now built by Maverick, one of the most respected names in the boat building industry. Every Cobia boat is created by the same team of professionals using the same technologies and materials that go into Mavericks, Pathfinders and Hewes.

What does all that mean to you, the Cobia owner?
Peace of mind is what it means. It means worry-free hours on the water knowing that the construction techniques and safety features found in every new Cobia will always be on-board for your trip. It also means incredible value in every model. Deciding on a new Cobia is smart, because you are buying more boat for your dollar, without a single concession on quality, technology or safety.

Best of all, becoming a Cobia owner is a really smart move when it comes to factory warranty and support. When you need advice and help we are here for you. Cobia also hosts annual “Fun-a-ments” for family get-togethers on the water. Check out our upcoming events.