People talking on a Cobia 280 Dual Console with Yamaha Twin Engines at sunset.



Cobia 262

Love the new boat. Does everything I expected and then some.

262 CC – William & Janice B.

Cobia 26

Our Cobia boat fits all our needs! It is very enjoyable on the water!

262 CC – Michael N.

Cobia 320

Cobia 320 powered with 425’s runs hard. Minimal bow rise, runs flat. Packed with a lot of features at a good price point compared to some of the “premium “ brands.

320 CC – Robert K.

Great Cobia Purchases

Great boat so far looking forward to more boating amazing days.

220 CC – Ricardo H.

Great Boat

Perfect boat on the Chesapeake bay with a family. Great for Fishing and having fun.

220 CC – William E.

Cobia 280 CC

Bought the Cobia 280 CC, love it plenty of room inside, great fishing boat, we take it out in the gulf, no problems, would highly recommend them

280 CC – Steve R.

Cobia 280 DC

My Cobia 280 DC is a great family boat that delivers comfort and fishability. And the performance is outstanding.

280 DC – Brian H.

New 262 boat review

Hey I just wanted to share a bit about my experience with our 2023 Cobia 262. We use our boat in Fl. Waters. We use it for cruising & offshore fishing. In 3-1/2 months. We put over 80 hrs on our new boat. The use-ability & functionality is as advertised. It’s comfortable interior seating and smooth ride gives us confidence while on the water with family and friends. Off shore, the Yamaha engine & auto pilot made the 20-30 mi. Trips a breeze. The fit and finish and all systems work perfect.

262 CC – George W.

Fishing & More

Recently purchased a Cobia 301 and the boat has all the necessary features for serious fishing but easily converts to sandbar/cocktail cruising. So far I am very happy with this boat and looking forward to putting a lot of hours on it!

301 CC – Anonymous

New Cobia

Great boat great dealership

240 CC – Charles S.

Cobia boat purchase

Cobia boats offer a great quality, boating and leisure options and are great for family activities like fishing, tubing, sightseeing, and overall boating comfort. When compared to other similar boats in this price range and size, Cobia offers a much better product and options for the money.

220 CC – Anonymous

New Cobia 262 CC

Cannot wait to start using my new Cobia!

262 CC – Thomas O.

Very happy

We had a great experience with the dealer Marine Connection in Vero. Griffin in sales and Keith in service are why we bought a Cobia. So far we are very satisfied with the Cobia. The whole experience from buying the boat to using the boat has been a win, win.

220 CC – Albert S.

Amazing 24′ Center Console

We use the boat for fishing and day tripping. On fishing trips the boat has amazing amount of fishable area for a 24 and plenty of cooler/storage space for fish/ice/drinks and tackle. When day tripping the boat coverts to a comfortable boat for my guests. Plenty of comfortable seating and cooler space. The boat also handles seas great. For a 24 ft boat on the Chesapeake Bay with winds up to 20kts the boat handles head, beam and quartering seas with a very dry ride.

240 CC – Timothy M.

Perfect boat and outstanding dealer personnel!

L&M Marina is an outstanding dealer to work with. Everyone is polite and there to answer all your questions. Karl, John, Jason, Valorie, Red and Brian were all outstanding and very helpful. Brian was so helpful in arranging equipment on the boat. If you want a good deal on a boat, then come to L&M marina!

262 CC – Jeffrey G.

301 CC

It has all the features you need for fishing as well as more comfort feature for friends and family. the boat has all the power you need and is very nimble in the water.

301 CC – Robert Samuel M.

We love our 32

We are so glad we chose to go to the 32, the space and features are perfect . Totally surprised how well it handles in the water, much better than smaller boats we’ve owned.

320 CC – Mark K.

Excellent blend of fishing and family comfort

I love my Cobia 28!

280 CC – Thomas O.

It’s all good

It’s all good

350 CC – Truman P.

Best boat purchase in my life

I would highly recommend a new Cobia Center Console for any family that wants the versatility for cruising as we as serious fishing. We have put over 25 hours on our new boat in just 3 months.

320 CC – David D.

Well satisfied

The perfect balance for cruising comfort and fishing at a price that has value.

301 CC – Dean L.

Very Satisfied

My second Cobia in 8 years, outstanding performance and comfort.

220 CC – Anonymous

24’ Cobia CC

High quality great boat for inshore as well as offshore fishing with plenty of storage for gear and fishing amenities. Boat has plenty of comfortable seating while just cruising and a head that is unbelievably spacious for a 24’ CC. After comparing to other brands there was no other choice but Cobia.

240 CC – Craig W.

Great Dealership Experience

South Port Marine in South Portland, Maine has earned our business for three new boats. All of our purchases have been Cobias, and we thoroughly recommend this dealer for purchasing and servicing your Cobia.

280 DC – Paul B.

Top notch

Cobia boats are very well made. The ride is very soft and I do not get wet when hitting waves. There are numerous options that most other boats do not have. The front opening console with the windshield is a game changer. The batteries under the leaning post is where every company should put their batteries.. They are easy to get to and never get wet. Haven’t used the bathroom yet but having a sink with fresh water is going to keep everyone in the family happy!

240 CC – Christopher A.

Maverick Brand For Life !!

Great overall boat! Ready for the water right off the trailer. Looking forward to many hours of fishing and island hopping. Family features and fishing features all in one. Spared no expense no short cuts on building their boats. As I said above Maverick Boats For Life ! Next purchase is an inshore Pathfinder.

280 CC – Christopher F.

Great boat

This is my first cobia boat and just love it, the quality and the thought of design and comfort is top notch.

262 CC – Steven E.

2023 240 CC – Our Little Tank

Everything we need to support our on water lifestyle in the upper Florida Keys.

240 CC – Tony / Christine T.

Great job Marine Connection Vero Beach

Very satisfied with my Cobia 280CC, thanks Phil & Joe.

280 CC – John D.

Salesman loves his job

Eric Fortier, Southport Marina, South Portland was my salesman. He is an incredible caring person throughout the whole process of purchasing my boat, loves his job and had my best interest.

280 CC – Craig S.

Exceptional Dealer

Ships Chandler was great throughout the purchase process.

280 DC – Brian H.

Cobia 280

Bought the boat from Ingman marine in sarasota, they are great to work with, the cobia was a great price, we have used it alot all ready, great all around boat, handles great on the water, highly recommend.

280 CC – Steve R.

Love My Cobia

Keep Making Them Great and You Have a Buyer from Me for Life.

350 CC – John F.

Amazing 24 Center Console

Boat hull performs well in the Chesapeake Bay Chop. It meets the need of the family as a party boat and the need to be a performance fishing machine. I am looking forward to sea duck hunting this boat this winter.

240 CC – Anonymous

Cobia 240 CC

Great boat and setup. Walker’s team knowledgeable and extremely helpful. From Bob D in sales to Kit, Kristine and entire service team.

240 CC – Matthew K.

Cobia 240 CC

Awesome Boat!

240 CC – Mark B.

Beautiful Boat

My 35 foot Cobia has everything you want. It could be a fishing boat or it could be a family boat and we choose both. Thank you Cobia for a beautiful boat.

350 CC – Alex G.

Great feature rich inshore water boat

Purchased 220CC for inshore water use and to date has met all expectations for fishing as well as cruising and exploring. The 200 hp Yamaha attains all the speed I could ever use.

220 CC – Thomas O.

Customer service outstanding!

We were very pleased with the customer service at Homosassa Marine! We had been looking for some time for new boat that would meet all our requirements. We found the 22 foot Cobia and the boat had everything we wanted. Add that together with the service and support from Homossasa Marine and we had a winning combination!

220 CC – Angela B.

Love my Cobia!

Great product and quality and wish I had purchased a Cobia years ago!

301 CC – Anonymous

My New Cobia

I previously owned a Cobia 237CC. This is the newest model of the same boat. The new boat 247CC has all the best features of the older boat and all the new improvements I would have suggested they make. Love my new boat. Having the framing for the center console top integrated into the center console was a great idea and gives you so much more room to walk around.I love the new cockpit area that now has the door in the front of the center console.It is extremely spacious for the size of the boat.

240 CC – Timothy F.

2023 Cobia 240 Center Console

We purchased a Cobia from Walker Marine in SW Florida. After looking at many boats we narrowed our candidates to three boat manufacturers. At the end of the day the new Cobia 240 CC was our choice. Yamaha power, fishing convenience, and comfortable passenger seating were all positive features with Cobia.

240 CC – Anonymous

280 CC

Easy & Fast

280 CC – William S.

Cobia 301cc

I visited the the Fort Lauderdale and Miami boat shows two years in row looking at nearly every boat manufacture there before deciding on the Cobia 301 cc. Sure there where boats there that probably had a better head sea ride and faster boats and more comfortable boats but what made me decide on the Cobia 301cc was value. every boat is a compromise I found one that fit my needs and got the biggest bang for my buck with the Cobia 301cc, comfort, style, fishability at a good price.

301 CC – Anonymous

Fantastic experience

I had a fantastic experience with Maverick Boats, Cobia, and Walkers Marine in Cape Coral! My new boat was a total loss from hurricane Ian and Cobia stepped up and got me a new boat ASAP! Super happy with the entire experience and my new boat exceeds by expectations!

– Kenneth T.

Cobia 350

We have the Cobia 350 with twin 425’s. I’m really impressed with thee performance and fuel economy I get with this this set up. Thanks Cobia for this build. With the small cabin that has A/C you have allowed us to bring our dogs on lunch runs. Now that we have a save and secure place to put the dogs while at lunch. The A/C is plus in the Florida Summer time heat for keeping the cabin cool. The rear cockpit is massive. When fishing with 4 people. No one is tripping over one another.

350 CC – Michael N.

You get what you pay for

Very well designed boat with excellent/quiet Yamaha 4-stroke power. Comfortable for afternoon entertaining and/or docking at restaurant. Great for early morning offshore fishing trips. Gets to the fishing spots quickly!!

– George C.

Cobia 350

Great boat with great fishing features. Love my Yamaha 425’s

350 CC – Carl G.

I purchased a 280CC last year, 2019. The boat was on display in Stone Harbor’s township and I had the pleasure of meeting Rob Haines. Rob and I visited for a long time, talking through the boat’s setup, motors, options, and features.

We bought the boat from Rob, upgraded the electronics and navigation options, and haven’t looked back. We love the boat! For myself, I enjoy offshore fishing which the boat does superbly. We get a lot of waves while we are on the boat, saying they enjoy the look and colors. It’s been a good decision.

280 CC – Greg S.

We decided on Cobia after a lot of research. Everyone we spoke with said the same thing ‘can’t beat the fit and finish on a Cobia.’ In January 2019, we went to the Baltimore boat show and were incredibly impressed with versatility and the lines of the boat. When we were initially looking, we were boating in the Potomac River and docked at a marina in Washington DC. At the time, our boating adventures were cruising the Potomac with friends and day tripping. Knowing that a move could be in our long-term future, we wanted a boat that would be capable and able to go fishing if we found ourselves in a good locale.

We decided to go with a new build and worked with our dealer to fit her out custom to us, I always wanted a windless, my wife always wanted a head, the dog just wanted to be on the water. We opted for the 200hp Yamaha, which has worked out great, cruise speed is 38mph and if we are in a hurry she has more to give. The 220cc was the perfect fit for us- it can do it all. We ordered the boat in February and she was delivered in July.

The team at Cobia was awesome to work with; we appreciated them sending us photos of the build during the different stages of construction. We loved seeing the process and endeared us to the team. Upon delivery, we enjoyed breaking in the boat all over the Potomac. At the end of the season we took her by water down the Potomac and up the Chesapeake to our dealer for winterization. Total trip is 6 hours on the charts. We checked the weather, planned out the trip and set out early in the morning. We had an amazing glassy ride the whole way to the Chesapeake Bay as the sun rose on the horizon, but as we reached the bay, the wind picked up and the bay got sporty quick! Our Cobia handled the weather and waves like a pro. That deep Vee did its job- we had a dry ride and made it to Kent Island in about 8 hours. It was a great way to really get to know our boat.

We had an opportunity to relocate to Charleston and are excited to use our Cobia to her full potential. We look forward to going out for Redfish and maybe even some nearshore action when the Mahi run! We have explored our local waterways and enjoyed some time on sandbars this summer and cannot wait for next season. If you’re wondering how much use the swim platform gets, our dog, Aurey, can attest it is the most utilized part of the boat. We just got her graphics done on the stern, named her “Bluegrass,” keep an eye out for us and be sure to wave.

220 CC – Mike & Erica A.

We purchased a 280DC and just love everything about it. We feel that it is the perfect combination to fish, cruise and sandbar with the family.

280 DC – Richard M.

I have a 2021 240 CC (took delivery late October) Jacksonville, FL. I use my boat primarily for fishing and cruising with the family. I decided to buy a Cobia for several reasons: Value and quality of boat for the price, the fact that the 240cc had options for both single and twin engines as you do not see a lot of 24′ boats with that option, and family features + fishing capabilities. My wife was big on having forward seating and a head!

240 CC – Jake T.

Just love my 2020 Cobia 220 CC – family, fishing, cruising. Just puts me in a great mood every time we get out on the water.

220 CC – Michael N.

Lovin’ our 2020 240 DC….took delivery in May at Garden State Yacht Sales ( these guys are awesome ), boat is located in Brielle, NJ at Manasquan River Yacht Club….as of Sunday, we have 110 hours on the boat, we spend all our time cruising the Barnegat Bay & inshore fishing along the Jersey Shore….great boat for everything you need!!!

240 DC – Keith & Kernan W.

A group of Cobia boats headed towards an island.


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